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Surgery Center Staffing

Why struggle to coordinate your anesthesia services and tackle the administrative functions associated with it?  We specialize in anesthesia services and are experts in the field. Whether your facility needs PRN staffing, a permanent provider or comprehensive anesthesia solutions, we can fulfill your needs. We provide the highest level of patient-oriented care in order to ensure your client’s satisfaction and an equally high level of proficiency and professionalism to ensure maximum profitability for you.


What are the benefits of a partnership with Avania Anesthesia?

We can tailor a contract to meet your individual needs.  Whether you need a full complement of anesthesia providers to meet all your needs or limited locum tenens on an as-needed basis, we can take care of it.  Long-term commitments or limited short-term relief, we have your solution.  Since we are local, we can usually fill last minute requests without a problem.  Unlike most companies, we do not require a 40 hour work week.  We strive to provide anesthesia services on demand, whether it be one day or five days per week.


The term Locum Tenens is Latin for “holding one’s place”.  It is a term customarily used where highly-skilled, accredited professionals are used in a temporary capacity, but still, uphold the strictest and highest levels of quality and performance.  It may also be just the right solution for one or more of your staffing obstacles.

Our clients use locum tenens anesthesia providers to manage a wide variety of healthcare staffing challenges.

-Urgent needs due to unexpected absences
-Vacation or illness coverage
-Leaves of absence (such as maternity leave or sabbatical leave)
-Ramping up a new service line or facility
-Provide coverage while recruiting a permanent anesthesia provider
-Supplement existing staff during unanticipated or seasonal spikes in patient volume
-Chronic staffing shortages
-The absence of long term funding
-A means to provide for extreme scheduling flexibility

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