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Office-Based Anesthesia

"We can handle all your office anesthesia needs"


With Avania Anesthesia, many types of surgeries can now be performed in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own office or treatment room.   We offer the highest level of staffing and professionalism with patient safety and care at the center of our focus. We specialize in office-based anesthesia.  We possess the necessary equipment and supplies to provide our services and administrative support to handle all aspects of patient billing. Our anesthesia providers can deliver IV sedation/monitored anesthesia care (MAC), general or regional anesthesia.   Anesthesia can be provided for a wide variety of cases including plastics, GI, orthopedics, eyes, gynecology, and oral/dental procedures just to name a few. Our goal is to provide you with all of the benefits of our services with no additional cost or work for you or your team.  In effect, our services will lighten the workload of your staff while facilitating a more seamless and productive workflow.


We will provide:
-   Flexible schedule
-   Availability 24 hours/day, 7days a week
-   Equipment and supplies
-   Billing and collections
-   Complete anesthesia record-keeping

Advantages to the Practitioners:
    Complete autonomy of surgery schedule
-    Decreased costs associated with hospitals
-    Increased convenience for practitioners
-    Increased efficiency: less traveling to hospital or ASC.
-    Allows practitioners to focus solely on procedure
-    Increased patient satisfaction

Advantages to the Patient:
-    Comfort and familiarity of practitioner’s office
-    No pre-admissions testing (**required in some situations)
-    Decreased anxiety about the procedure
-    Lower cost associated with elective procedures for anesthesia
-    Less pain from the procedure in comparison to local anesthesia



At Avania Anesthesia, we follow current recommendations for Office-Based Anesthesia and continuously strive to provide current, competent and cost-effective anesthesia care. Call us today for your free consultation and find out how we can help you run your practice more efficiently by maximizing your time and schedule, enhance patient satisfaction, and generate more revenue by enabling you to perform surgery right in your own office.

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